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X8 Sandbox Apk is an apk application made specifically by the third party to speed up game that it will be easier and faster for completing the game. There are a lot of games that have been supported with x8 sandbox application, one of which is hinggs’s game.

In addition, the app can be used to increase the cheat which you are using the way, such as cheat Guardian game as well as others. How, perhaps it is to here if you are interested and want to try using x8 sandbox in apk?.

The use of the app that is quite easy, because it is indeed the x8 sandbox-ap because it does not require the root system first. However, this one application can not be used all types of mobile phones except for OS.

In addition, the x8 sandbox application has a relatively large file size, so for this one menginstall application that at least requires 2 GB of RAM so that it doesn’t happen in the time you use.

Features X8 Sandbox

There are many features that you can use on this one app to help speed a good game on the hinggs game of whether or another. To find out the complete features owned by the x8 sandbox app a dominoes, let’s look together these reviews along:

1. Speeds Hack

The mainstay feature of x8 sandbox was the speeds hacked, where this one feature works for game speed. To enable the speeds feature, users just enter into a menu squeezes.

2. PIP

PIP (picture in) has pinned on the x8 Sandbox app, so where this one aims to see the game even though it is opening up to open the other or tab. It’s so attractive not for us to use?.

3. Safe Use

Next, the x8 sandbox app automatically makes access permissions in. So it doesn’t need to be done manually. Well thus will be very petrified for the safety from the game itself, how are you interested and want to use this one app?.

4. Resolution

In addition to speeding up the game, this one app also has a resolution menu that you can choose what you want today. Menu resolution is quite high and will produce a HD quality image.

5. No Ads

To provide comfort for its users, this one application has removed or deleted ad either at the beginning of the menu and in the game. So you don’t have to worry about the ads will show up while playing games.

6. No Root

As we already mentioned above, in x8 sandbox doesn’t require that the root system on your android phones respectively. So that it will be very easy to use and can be activated in very short times.

7. Without Register

The use of the app that is quite easy, besides requiring a mobile phone root system first. x8 applications also do not require a register process first while using it.

8. Simple & Simple

For the use of this one app is easy to understand, the developer carries a x8 sandbox application with a simple and simple look. So you no longer need to be confused when using this one application.

9. Set FPS

One of the interesting features owned by x8 sandbox apk FPS which can regulate FPS according to your own needs or tastes.

10. Anti-bunned

Lastly, x8 sandbox is already pinned a banned feature of unbunned (antibunned). However, admin can not be sure that this one app is really safe or not to use and especially if used in the long term.

How to Install?

Actually, this is a installment of the application that is very easy and simple, you only need to enable a Source Not Known on the settings of your android phone. If you are still confused, then please see the following selengkapnmya review well and correctly:

  • First, please download x8 sandbox on the file that we have provided above.
  • If already, please open the file on the menu “Settings” on the folder “Files Manager” and click tape “Apk”.
  • Next, please click “Installl”.
  • If the warning “A Unknown Source” appears, then please you just turn it in a tick way or check.
  • Please continue the process “Install”, then wait until the process is completely completed.
  • After the process of “Install” is completely completed, then please open your application to speed up the game.
  • Done, hope it will be useful!

How do you think, it’s so easy, isn’t it? Well, this application is certainly very helpful for you to speed up the surfer subway game, hinggs is domino and so on.