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The old and new versions of Vidmate are basically not too different, they still have the same function, which is to download and watch various streaming video content. This application is very popular to use because many users want to save their favorite content.

Some content is not only capable of providing entertainment, but also able to provide information and guidance about something. This is the main reason users want to save content so that they can be watched again.


What is Vidmate?

Vidmate is an application with a simple interface design and can be used on mobile devices to find various interesting content. Not only capable of providing entertainment, but this application can also be used to download image content, music to applications.

This application is very popular and has been used by many users.


The advanced technology embedded in this application is able to provide easy access to downloads from various platforms such as Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion and so on.

The Vidmate app is developed by UCWeb which is part of the Alibaba group. No wonder there are so many users of this application. It is known that the number of users of this application is about 600 million people who come from 100 countries.

With this application users can download the desired content for free. Vidmate can be said to be a versatile application that can meet various user needs ranging from entertainment to informative.

You no longer need to download various applications to access content available on various platforms. Just rely on one application, all content can be accessed more easily.

Using Vidmate allows users to be able to download more than four media content at the same time. The downloaded file will go to a special storage media on your phone, so you can access it anytime you want.

This application also pampers users with free access without any download restrictions. That way you can download as many files as you need. Currently, there are many versions of Vidmate circulating, but the old version still has the highest popularity.

Differences in Vidmate Old and New Versions

The old version of Vidmate is basically not much different from the new version. it’s just that it has a smaller size so that for older phones that have 1 GB of RAM, applications can run better. However, the main features remain the same as the new version.

The new version of Vidmate has much more complete features and has a more attractive appearance. This application is generally used to download various types of entertainment files. Users can freely download various content from SoundCloud, Metacafe, Vimeo, Youtube and others.

Files that have been downloaded can be collected and stored on the device. That way you can more easily watch it again if needed. Even without an internet connection you can watch it over and over again.

The Vidmate application provides a fairly premium service, users can choose the quality of the file they want to download, whether low resolution or HD. The many versions of Vidmate available make users can choose according to taste.

The old version is indeed more popular than the new version because it is easier to use and compatible with various operating systems. Here are some differences between the new and old versions of Vidmate.

The new version of Vidmate has more complete features so that it can meet all user needs to the fullest. For users of the latest smartphones, the new version of Vidmate is much more exciting because the appearance has also been improved.

How to use this application is not difficult and can be done easily. Even beginners will have no difficulty the first time using it. Visit the link below to download the new version of Vidmate.

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The old version of Vidmate is still in great demand because it can be used on a variety of older phones. Although the features are not as complete as the latest version, the main function of this application remains the same, namely to download video content.

There are not many applications that can be used for old phones, but this application is still very useful to meet all user needs.

This is the main reason why many users are still looking for older versions of the app. For those of you who want to download the old version of the Vidmate application, you can visit the link below.

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How to Install the Vidmate Application

The Vidmate application cannot be downloaded from the Play Store, for that there are several settings that must be done first before installing it. This needs to be done to give access to the cellphone so that it can install applications that come from outside.

To be able to install the Vidmate application, you need to grant installation access first. Check out the steps as follows.

Through the download link for the old or new version of Vidmate, you can get the application easily. Follow the installation guide so that the application can be used easily. Now you can freely enjoy and download various video content available on various platforms.