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Star Shop Apk – One game still in demand by many people is Mobile Legends and Free Fire. Almost everyone will ask about how to top up diamond at the cheapest price. With the question like that, we will share a information related to the APK Star Shop application.

The Star Shop app Apk is very safe and certainly already trusted. In addition, there will be many payment methods when they want to buy diamonds for example using pulses or others.

In addition to Diamond Mobile Legends there are also in this Star Shop application various other game currencies such as Garena Free Fire, Pub Mobile, and others.

Therefore, for those of you who have a limited budget but want to buy the latest ML and FF skin we recommend using this Star Shop apk. There will be many various diamond prices with a fairly large discount. For that, see the following reviews.

What is Star Shop APK?

The Star Shop APK is an online store application that now provides many Diamond ML and FF at a low price of course. In this application the users can do a Top Up Diamond at a tilt price of top up in Codashop or other applications.

Because at the Star Shop Mobile Legends application offers a price of diamond ml at a price that is fairly cheap, it is certainly it can alleviate the players who want to buy diamonds at affordable prices.

No need to worry about because Star Shop APK is safe and reliable. Because there are many gamers who do top up on this application to buy diamonds with a small amount or large quantities.

As in other Diamond stores on the Star Shop application, it has also provided a fairly complete payment method, where you can also use pulse cutters, go-pay, funds, ATMs and so on.

Besides that you can later play the online game FF, Call of Duty, Rules of Survival, Your Pub Mobile can also top up this applied.

For those who want to know more details, we will provide a summary of the price list of Diamond Mobile Legends on the following Mobile Legends Star Shop APK.

Price list of Diamond Mobile Legends at Star Shop

Of course you are curious whether it is true if the top up on this application is cheaper than other online stores, for example Codashop. Thus, please see the details of the diamond price list in the Star Shop application below.

  • 568 diamond > Harga Rp. 10.950
  • 976 diamond > Harga Rp. 17.600
  • 1.443 diamond > Harga Rp. 25.999
  • 2.885 diamond > Harga Rp. 45.890
  • 5.000 diamond > Harga Rp. 80.500
  • 7.715 diamond > Harga Rp. 115.800

Price list Diamond FF at Star Shop APK

Not only that, the discounts provided for FF games to buyers are also very cheap. Please see the price list below.

  • 720 diamond seharga Rp. 12.790
  • 1805 diamond seharga Rp. 28.250
  • 3630 diamond seharga Rp. 46.890
  • 5820 diamond seharga Rp. 60.150
  • 10930 diamond seharga Rp. 85.990
  • 21500 diamond seharga Rp. 145.700

How to Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends at Star Shop APK

Here’s the Top Up Diamond Mobile Legends (ML) way through the Star Shop application with a pulse payment method. Therefore, before you follow it then first make sure that the pulses you use enough:

  • For the first one you can download the application above then install it
  • Next you can directly enter the application and press the Mobile Legends game icon
  • If it is then you will see the diamond price list offered
  • After that you can immediately choose it, if it suits please buy
  • Enter your Mobile Legends account ID and your server
  • Then you will enter the payment method, please enter the cellphone number and then press Pay
  • Finished

How to Top Up Diamond FF on the Star Shop APK

When doing the top up the Star Shop applied is actually not difficult because you can use the payment method that you have each.

Because in this post a guide when making a payment we provide using the payment method via pulse, you must first make sure the remaining pulses you have is still enough or not.

  • First, but open the Star Shop application that you installed earlier.
  • Then select the Mobile Legends game icon.
  • After that, you will be presented by various choices of the number and price of Diamond Mobile Legends available in this application.
  • Next please select according to the needs of the diamond you want to buy and then click the Buy option.
  • The next step input Mobile Legends account ID and also the server number you are playing.
  • Then enter your cellphone number used for payment via pulse if you already click the Pay option.
  • Finished.

In the Top Up Diamond steps above, of course you have to prepare credit for the payment method used.