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Playing games on a cellphone is a means to fill your free time, which is also useful for relieving stress. Currently, there are many, many different kinds of games circulating on the internet, one of which is the GTA 5 game, aka Grand Theft Auto 5, have you downloaded GTA 5?GTA 5 Highly Compressed Download Free Full Torrent For Mobile Game players use melee attacks, firearms and explosives to fight against the enemies. On the other hand, GTA V Players also use run, jump or swim ablilities and use different vehicles during the game to explore the game world. Players can use auto aim and a cover system against different enemies in the combats. If the players takes the damage their health meter gradually regenerate. If the health meter depletes the GTA 5 Game players respawn at hospitals. Any player commit any crime, Wanted meter indicates in the head up display. Meanwhile, The Wanted meter indicates the wanted level of the players with different stars shown on it. The law enforcement agencies officers will search the players. If the players hide form the sight display on the mini map the Wanted meter will gradually enter the cool down mode.


GTA 5 is Grand Theft Auto 5, which is one of the best known android games with millions of installs. This game is an exciting adventure type because players are required to complete various kinds of missions in it.

GTA Information 5 Final Version Apk Mod (Full / Paid) + Obb Data

This GTA 5 Full Version Mod application is a game created by Rockstar North with this type of adventure, and has already been installed by more than one person on the internet. GTA 5 Final Version Apk Mod makes players feel the sensation of being in the real world, with various stories and missions in the game.

Advantages of GTA 5 Final Version Apk Mod (Full / Paid) + Obb Data

There are so many, you know, the advantages of GTA 5 Final Version Apk Mod (Full / Paid) + Obb Data, among them are as follows:

Lightweight Application

Talking about adventure-type games, of course you can’t escape the size of the game application. This is different from the GTA 5 Final Version Apk Mod, which is the lightest adventure game in the world.

GTA 5 Final Version Apk Mod only requires a minimum of Android device version 4.0 or higher, with an application size of only 17 MB. Some recommended Android devices to be able to enjoy this GTA 5 game are Samsung S4, S5, S6, S7, then Xiaomi Redmi 3 pro, 4A, 5A, 6, 6A, and 6 pro.

Smooth Graph

By downloading GTA 5, one of the interesting things is the appearance of the game GTA 5 Final Version Apk Mod can be said to be special, because of the many similar types of games circulating on the internet. GTA 5 Final Version Apk is an adventure game with smooth graphics, starting from the display while still in the main menu of the game to the display in the game.

GTA 5 Final Version Apk Mod Features (Full / Paid) + Obb Data

As the best adventure game application, there are various interesting features of the GTA 5 Final Version application, including:

Playing an adventure game with a wide reach, of course, is the desire of many people. GTA 5 Final Version Apk Mod comes with big city features, where there are various social conditions and environmental conditions. Big city features are also supported by a variety of weapons, from the oldest to the latest in the game. Not only that, various kinds of vehicles ranging from rural vehicles to big cities also exist, you know.

GTA 5 Has a Practical Control System

In addition to the above features, GTA 5 Final Version Apk Mod also has a practical control system, where various buttons are easy to understand and understand. In addition, in the GTA 5 Full Version application there are many interesting missions even more challenging than the previous version.

About GTA 5 Final Version Apk Mod (Full / Paid) + Obb Data

The following are some important information for GTA 5 Final Version that must be understood, including:

Application Name Grand Theft Auto 5
17MB in size
Adventure Category
Developer of Rockstar North Game
Minimum Android 4.0 Device
Recommended Devices for Android 5.0 and higher
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Download Mod
Download OBB + Data

How to install GTA 5 Full Version Apk Mod (Full / Paid) + Obb Data

First of all, don’t forget to download the GTA 5 Full Version Mod + Obb Data file via the link provided. If downloading via PC, don’t forget to connect it to the device that will be used to send the file.

When finished, go to the file manager menu and look for the folder containing the downloaded file GTA 5 Full Version Mod. Then extract the Obb file, then move it to the Android folder in the internal storage of the device. Next, enter the Obb folder. Well, if you don’t find the Obb folder, first create it with the same folder name.

Go to the settings menu, then look for the security sub menu, and then click the unknown source button, because this application is not from the Google Play Store. Open the GTA 5 Full Version Mod application to carry out the installation process, and wait a few moments. When the installation process has finished, wait a few seconds to scan.

When the scan process is complete, an open or launch button will appear on the bottom right of the device, click the button and GTA 5 Full Version Apk Mod is ready to be enjoyed! Ensure that Obb data and the GTA 5 Full Version Mod application are from the same version. If not, the game won’t work. Good luck downloading GTA 5.