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Codashop Pro FF – Free fire is a battle royale game that has been developed by 111 Dots studio and has also been published by Garena for Android and iOS users.

Free fire also has been a lot of games downloaded globally in 2019 ago. Because of its popularity, the game free of fire has received the award for “Best Popular Vita Game” from google play store padatahun 2019.

In May 2020 free fire also set a record with 80 million daily active users in the game. Garena is now also working on a version that is in free fire to be refined by the Free fire Max.

Free fire is also a war game that gathers 50 players in a game map area. With it, in which each player must kill each other and make one winner.

About the Game Free Fire

Games free fire is a game that has a genre battle royale, like the other games. Where in the genre of all players will be done by air and are also required once did freefall. Each player is also required to seek some weapons as well as medical equipment, when sending to fight with other players.

In the middle of the game is in progress, there will appear a passing aircraft airdrop and will launch in the form of boxes that had contained vests, ammunition, helmets and other weapons that could be used in the game.

You can also find this airdrop in very handy, because this box will display a vertical line or straight from the sky which emits a yellow light.

To pamper the players, free fire also has an indicator for the items in the airdrop. In the free fire there is also a danger zone, usually it will appear in red if you see it on the map.

Some of the danger zone will typically appear an explosion that could make your blood is reduced or may cause you to die.
Like the other games in general, free fire also has several game modes. As a solo mode, two-squad. Here’s his explanation.

  1. Solo Mode

It has only one purpose and also played with yourself. You also should be able to win and was also successful in playing against 49 people there.

  1. Mode Duo

Done by the team and each team only requires 1-2 people. The player also has an ability to heal a friend who had fallen. If you play this duo, there will be 25 teams in each mode.

  1. Mode Squad

This mode is a mode that is performed by using the team, in every team there will be 1-5 people in each of its members. Pre players can also generate and help friends who are being dropped. There will be 13 teams in each mode of this squad, and the total of people who are playing is 52 people.

3 In that mode, you can choose which mode you want to use. Free fire also has a character design, which can be used in accordance with kesukan and also skin that you have had. To be able to have and use the skin, you can do so by using a diamon which also can be obtained with skin tool or a free gift.

Ketauhi as you have, that you will need to top up codashop. In the free fire codashop very reliable to be used as a top up online sites. If you wish to use this platform, then this will greatly simplify buying a diamond that is used for games free fire. Codashop also has given some ease, so that your payment using a credit or using a virtual account.

Codashop also has become the first choice, for someone who has played the game using mobile devices. Codashop also has been a goal to buy an item and also diamond that is in use on a game free of fire. With this, you can make a purchase with a method that is easy.

FF Codashop Pro APK Download Premium

This is a very happy news for android users. Because of the way the use of pro APK Codashop premium is equal to top up diamonds in free fire using Codashop official account. But, if you want to search on google PlayStore codashop application, then you will not find this app.

There are also some drawbacks APK codashop ie, you can not pay using OVO application, Go Pay and also Kredivo. The application also has to provide some kind of purchase items that are very complete game. Therefore you can find an item that you want very easily.