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Maret 2022

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Cheat Ruok FF APK – Know that the use of Cheat Ruok FF allows users to perform Auto Headshot precisely and target the enemy’s head. That’s why now many Free Fire players are looking for the download link for the latest version, because the previous version had to update the system and all its appearance features, so it seemed complicated and time consuming.

But you don’t need to worry, because we have prepared a download link for the latest version 2024. Of course you are in the right place if you are looking for Cheat Ruok FF, because we will discuss it thoroughly. Moreover, there are many versions that still have problems in their use, such as bugs, errors, and others.

In addition to providing a download link for the Cheat Ruok FF that is immune to blocking and updated, we will also share the Apk which is not equipped with password security, so it will be easy and seem practical. Then also the presence of this type of cheat application is a common thing in a game, because each player has their own way to win.

By using the help of an application like this Cheat Ruok FF, it is very likely that you will get a win very easily and don’t require any skills. Interestingly, the tool can be automatically activated when you activate it. So for those of you who are curious about this type of cheat, please read through the next explanation.

Cheat Ruok FF Review

Like most people say that Cheat Ruok FF is one of the tools in the Free Fire game in the form of a raw application (Apk) that has been modified to make it easier for its users to win or Booyah in the FF game. Interesting right? The existence of additional features such as Auto Headshot and No Banned is the main reason.

You should also know that the term Ruok FF originated from a Youtuber from Thailand who is known to have unnatural skills. This means that Ruok often wins matches at 1 vs 5 with an average headshot of almost 100%. So thanks to his ability, Ruok FF is popular with the term “King of Headshot” from the White Elephant country.

Gradually the term was embedded in applications such as cheats in the Free Fire game as known to many players today. How not in Cheat Ruok FF, it is equipped with various interesting features that can really make it easier for the game to achieve maximum results, such as the Auto Headshot, Auto Aim, Damage Plus, and many others features.

So it’s a shame if you just waste the tools to be able to play optimally in this FF game. Apart from that, of course there are risks, but if you know the rules of the game, it will be fine. Well, in the next review, we will discuss one by one regarding the superior features possessed by the Cheat Ruok FF.

Featured Features of the Latest Ruok FF Cheats

For the excellent features that Cheat Ruok FF has, actually there are still some defaults from the previous version or Patch, it’s just that there are a few additional features that seem interesting, superior, and of course it will be very fun when using it. These features have been waiting for Free Fire players whose playing skills are below average.

Curious about the features it has? Here we convey some of its superior features, as follows:

  1. Anti Banned
    The first excellent feature that Ruok FF has is anti-ban. This means that even though it is known that a type of cheat is in fact not all tools of this type are vulnerable to being blocked. What’s more, this is one of the last versions that has been modified in such a way, so that it would be quite immune from being banned itself. You don’t have to worry too much about it, because it’s safe.
  2. Auto Headshot
    Furthermore, the Auto Headshot feature is actually quite new, but who would have thought that by activating it, it can achieve up to 100% accuracy targeting precisely at the enemy’s head. Amazing right? In the process, you no longer need to bother setting the shot to aim at the enemy’s head, because this feature will automatically hit him without being asked.
  3. Auto AIM
    The next feature is Auto Aim, which allows users to keep getting Booyah in the Free Fire game itself. How not, thanks to this special feature, the bullet can automatically hit the enemy’s head. That way we don’t have to bother with directing the midpoint of the shot so that it targets the head of your enemy, because this one feature is enough to help solve it.

Advantages of the Cheat Ruok k FF Apk

Once again, you don’t need to doubt the sophistication of this Cheat Ruok FF application, because it has been modified as attractively as possible. Moreover, there are many advantages and advantages that are in it. To find out some of the advantages it has, please refer to the following explanation:

Elite Mode
Even the Elite Mode in the Cheat Ruok application can certainly drain the pockets of players, because according to news circulating the price offered is up to $150, or 2 million. This mode is quite multifunctional, because it can help each user in various things and conditions during the game. One of them is to make it easier to get a win, or Booyah.

Poison Mode
The Poison mode that you will find in the application means that you have to be willing to pay $30, or around 480 thousand. That way later you can use Auto Headshot more freely and with satisfaction.

Advanced Mode
This mode is also if you are interested in using it, you have to be willing to spend $60. This aims to secure 100% of your sultan’s account from being blocked which could happen at any time, considering that Garena itself often conducts periodic monitoring.

Extreme Mode
For Extreme Mode, this is indeed one of the modes often used by Youtubers, which is priced at $250. The goal is none other than to secure the account from unwanted things, whether deactivation, banned, and the like.

Free Mode
The last advantage is that each user can get various premium items for free without the need for the slightest cost. The point is you just choose and determine as you wish as freely as possible.

We have informed some of the advantages of Cheat Ruok FF, so please consider it as best you can. Don’t let any regrets envelop at the end of the game, because after all the game should be entertaining, not the other way around.