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The game in a game if the higher the level we play, the level of difficulty also increases. So, we are quite difficult to beat the game. Like the Free Fire game, which is much favored by game lovers who are very popular until now. Free fire is a battle royale game that has a large number of active players around the world. This is of course because, free fire games are very exciting and challenging.


Especially if you are newbies who just play this Garena game. This game does have a special difficulty level, as has been explained if the higher the level, the more difficult it will be to play it. This is a lot of thought by modders, and looking for ways to overcome these difficulties by creating a new innovation in the original version of free fire and, and adding certain mod features that can be used or help to win the game to ranked mode.

So, the Bellara VIP Apk was created which is trending among various free fire game lovers, and many are looking for it to help make free fire games easier when played later. And this time we will discuss more fully about Bellara VIP Apk that you must know. Therefore, please read this article to the end.

Bellara VIP Apk at a Glance

Bellara VIP is the one that was successfully modified by a third party with the aim of being able to win the game in the free fire game by adding several mainstay mod features that can make it easier for players when playing later. There is also a game icon, where when you open the icon, several settings will appear that you can use. And useful to help you win the game.

The existence of the mod application, is the best way to be able to win free fire games easily without difficulty. This mod application has been integrated with the system. And to use which feature you want to use, you just need to activate it easily. And please note, if the Bellara VIP Apk provides various interesting features that you can use, right. Curious? Come on, see more below.

Bellara VIP Menu Mod Features

Bellara VIP Apk is indeed equipped with very interesting features, for you to use for free and easily. And it can help you win the match, you can’t find the features in this mod application in the original version, so what are the collection of interesting features?

Immediately, see further reviews below.

1. Aim Bot

Another word for Aim Bot is auto aim. With the aim bot feature you will be able to easily shoot enemies, because this feature you don’t need to aim anymore. And the bullet can immediately find the enemy by itself.

2. Aim Shoot

Aim Shoot allows you to no longer need to aim your weapon when you want to shoot enemies, and no longer need to press the player control. This feature will automatically make your weapon to fire when the enemy comes or passes in front of you.

3. Aim Zoom

An interesting feature of Aim Zoom is that it is useful for zooming in on your target from the shot, and will be able to easily shoot it by means of a headshot.

4. Aim Spot

Aim Spot is the same as Aim Bot, this feature is very reliable to be able to help you win the game. You will get automatic spots and you don’t need to look for enemies anymore.

5. Aim Ignore Knocked

Aim Ignore Knocked is not interesting with other features, if you use this feature then you will be immune to blows. And the damage from his punch really depends on the type of character used. This mod application is very helpful and you don’t have to worry if you will lose later, because you are already immune.

6. Auto Headshot

Auto Headshot makes it very easy for you when doing headshot techniques, which most novice players will find it difficult to do. But with this mod application, you can do all the conveniences and don’t need to spend bullets.

7. Speed ​​Hack

In this feature, you can control your speed. And speed up your movement to be faster and it will be easy to find or defeat the enemy. In addition, it can avoid the pursuit of the enemy. You can add speed by using this interesting feature.

8. No Recoil

In Bellara VIP Mod Apk, you will not find or get a beat when shooting enemies or opponents. Because of this no Recoil feature. This is indeed often the case, in some cheat applications, and please note that the cheat menu has its own differences.

9. Anti Banned

One of the advantages of this Bellara VIP application is that it is anti-banned. Anti-ban? Yes, anti-ban. Why ? Because to use the Bellara VIP application you don’t need to login to your free fire account first. So, that way, your ff account is still safe from being banned or sanctioned by Garena as a free fire game developer.

10. Anti Logs

As we explained earlier, to use the cheat menu in the Bellara VIP application, you don’t need to log in first using your ff account. You can directly use it without logging in. So that way your account will stay safe from being banned.

11. Improve Game PING

A stable ping is indeed one of the important needs of survivors. As we know, an unstable ping will disrupt the game. Well, by using the Bellara VIP APK, the PING problem can be resolved so that you can play free fire games more freely.

12. Ghost Mode

This feature is very useful when you are stuck dealing with enemies without holding a weapon. Then you can activate this feature so that the enemy cannot see you clearly. You can also use this feature to trick your enemies.

13. Sonic Speed

Have experience dealing with enemies when not carrying weapons? If so, of course you will feel panicked and think hard to save yourself. Now by activating this feature, you can escape by running fast like sonic.